It's an intelligent, hysterically funny and occasionally poignant look at how we live today, with hopes for tomorrow. Recommended for everyone, male or female, gay or straight.” — Echo Magazine

“She makes you laugh and she makes you think - and then you laugh again, and again and again.” – Comic Jennie McNulty

 “Pure Borscht Belt gold” - Out in Print

2019 Advocate Magazine Champion of Pride

"Just saying.....

" I love this show! One stellar tale after another!"
   Linda Kemp, regional sales for Olivia Travel

"This show gets more meaningful every time it is performed. Fay is a born LGBT reporter -  has been a newswoman all her life - and her rainbow lens examines all our lives,  touchingly, beautifully!" Lee Mills, Executive Director, Rehoboth Art League

"Even a straight, Irish, ex-nun can relate! Oh, did I laugh! You go girl!" Author Ginny Daly

Last Comic Sitting Gets Standing Ovations!

Fay Jacobs: Award-winning author & humorist

Because nothing is so bad
if it's worth the story you can tell.