"Just saying.....

" I love this show! One stellar tale after another!"
   Linda Kemp, regional sales for Olivia Travel

"This show gets more meaningful every time it is performed. Fay is a born LGBT reporter -  has been a newswoman all her life - and her rainbow lens examines all our lives,  touchingly, beautifully!" Lee Mills, Executive Director, Rehoboth Art League

"Even a straight, Irish, ex-nun can relate! Oh, did I laugh! You go girl!" Author Ginny Daly

Fay Jacobs: Award-winning author & humorist

Because nothing is so bad
if it's worth the story you can tell.

Last Comic Sitting Gets Standing Ovations!

It's an intelligent, hysterically funny and occasionally poignant look at how we live today, with hopes for tomorrow. Recommended for everyone, male or female, gay or straight.” — Echo Magazine

“She makes you laugh and she makes you think - and then you laugh again, and again and again.” – Comic Jennie McNulty

 “Pure Borscht Belt gold” - Out in Print

2019 Advocate Magazine Champion of Pride