"Just saying.....

" I love this show! One stellar tale after another!"
   Linda Kemp, regional sales for Olivia Travel

"This show gets more meaningful every time it is performed. Fay is a born LGBT reporter -  has been a newswoman all her life - and her rainbow lens examines all our lives,  touchingly, beautifully!" Lee Mills, Executive Director, Rehoboth Art League

"Even a straight, Irish, ex-nun can relate! Oh, did I laugh! You go girl!" Author Ginny Daly

Fay Jacobs: Award-winning author & humorist

"It's a brilliant piece of work. Funny - of course! - but also insightful, moving and quite informative
about the struggle for gay rights. It has a compelling narrative and her personal delivery is terrific.
Don't miss it!" Terry Plowman, Publisher, Delaware Beach Life

"A hilarious show and a terrific fundraiser for our community center."  Liz Bradbury,
Bradbury-Sullivan Community Center, Allentown, PA

Contact Fay at Fayjacobsrb@aol.com or 302-236-7133
to get more information about this show as a fundraiser, friendraiser
or a money-making event for your venue.  Forty seats or 200, we have a blast!

See Fay on PBS,  WHYY in Philadelphia www.pbs.org/video/2365722908 
(the clip is 19 minutes into the show FIRST...and you can fast forward!)

Checkout this article in Delaware Today Magazine:


Because nothing is so bad
if it's worth the story you can tell.