Fay Jacobs: Award-winning author & humorist

Because nothing is so bad
if it's worth the story you can tell.

After four award-winning books and columns in
The Advocate, Curve and The Washington Post,
Jacobs created this hilarious and heartfelt show
that has audiences cheering!

Learn how this show can raise funds for your organization
or bring happy audiences to your venue.
Drop Fay a line at fayjacobsrb@aol.com or call 302-236-7133.

Audiences cheered!
The Duplex - New York City
Olivia Caribbean Cruise
Sage Inn at P-Town's Women's Week
Saints & Sinners Literary Fest, NOLA

Allentown LGBT Community Center
Carefree Resort, Ft. Meyers, FL
Metropolitan Community Church
CAMP Rehoboth GLBT Center
Cedar Crest College
OUT in Film Fest, Winston-Salem
and so many more!

In her solo performance of Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay, author and humorist Fay Jacobs has a growing reputation, in the words of one critic, as the “Last Comic Sitting.” 
Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay highlights the author’s insistence that nothing is ever so horrible
if it’s worth the story you can tell. Jacobs’ signature humor tackles life, liberty, and lots of LGBT history. 
It is comprised of two short acts with an intermission, or a one-act, one hour version, and based on
Jacobs’ four published memoirs, her magazine columns, plus an all-new narrative covering LGBT issues
and the fight for marriage equality.

So come along for the ride as Fay and her wife Bonnie share life in one boat, two condos, two houses,
and an RV, a loving succession of Schnauzers, and being domestic partnered, civil unioned and married. From zip lines to skunk sprays, lesbian invisibility to marriage equality,  Jacobs covers it all!

Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay -
a play, a laugh riot, an adventure in sit-down comedy!